Juliette et Justine 2012 Spring and Summer Collection (2/2)

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So today was… an experience.

I can’t get too much into it but basically I was at my old apartment for the weekend and Colin and I received an anonymous death threat, so I NOPED THE FUCK OUT OF THERE in a huge rush and now I’m at my parents’ place for the night (with my kitty).

It was a truly terrifying experience. Not exactly what I needed after an exhausting 2 weeks. Even though it was a horrible thing to have happened, I’m very grateful that this happened right at the end of our lease so I was able to leave.

Anyways, bad times.


Robe de collage un château

For reserve until September 5. 41,040 Yen.

In Noir carreaux

This is kind of terrible, but I love it.



Hey guys, FanExpo is upon us and I am getting so excited for the lolita fashion show on Sunday. I hope to see you guys there! I’ll be with usagimon all day Sunday handing out posters (one of her lovely ones here) dressed in lolita, so come say hi if you see us!

Hey it’s my feet!
Please come support us by visiting our fashion show. 

I can’t make it to Fan Expo this year, but if you’re going, please check out the fashion events and support my beautiful friends!


Today marks the 7th anniversary of the dedication of Gerhard Richter’s “Cathedral Window” in Cologne, comprised of 11,500 squares of glass in 72 colors.



Ready to ship to Las Vegas, Hong Kong and Moldova. <3

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Modelling for Alice and the Pirates!

Photo: Sam So

Business cas game strong

part of my job is providing reference for engineering, math, and sciences

lord be with me

I had a responsible nice black folder and a regular notebook in my hand, but then I realized that I could get one with BIRBS all over it. I’m an adult