It’s gonna happen. Anime North 2011. Wholita. AWWYEAH.

Only not with these exact items (except for the screwdriver and the shoes), because they’re expensive and I’m broke. But you know. SIMILAR STUFF. My bb Jacquie is gonna help me make a suitable skirt! I can’t wait, it’s going to be so much fun~ Altogether it’s prooobably going to be ita to the extreme, but I do not give a single fuck. :3

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    It’s gonna happen. Anime North 2011. Wholita. AWWYEAH. WHO ARE YOU CAN I MEET YOU AND STEAL YOUR CLOTHES/SONIC...
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    this is so cool! you must take pictures when you are done ^o_o^
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  7. rabbit-heart said: Oh my goshhhh those boots. Do want.
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